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You have taken the first step to improve your life by exploring therapy and making your wellbeing a priority. As a psychologist, I assist clients in overcoming any unhealthy ways of coping with life and stress and allow you to live a more fulfilling life. I take a warm and collaborative approach in helping you to achieve your goals in life. I enjoy having an open dialogue in therapy sessions and working together to help you overcome any challenges in your life. My psychological services are focused on treating individuals holistically. I work to understand you as a person and get to know your strengths and the challenges you face. While working with clients, I use cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal therapy approaches, which allow us to work together as we assess factors that may impact your emotional well-being and relationships with others.

While I work with a variety of issues, my clinical passion is providing pregnancy and postpartum support to individuals. Becoming a parent is a very exciting and joyful time but it is also a very stressful and overwhelming time. I am a highly skilled and trained licensed psychologist who is dedicated to treating perinatal mood or anxiety disorders.

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 I enjoy helping individuals overcome obstacles in order to move forward in their lives. 

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